Develop Android apps with Kotlin

Write better Android apps faster with Kotlin. Kotlin is a modern statically typed programming language used by over 60% of professional Android developers that helps boost productivity, developer satisfaction, and code safety.

Expressive and

Kotlin's modern language features allow you to focus on expressing your ideas and write less boilerplate code.

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With @Nullable and @NonNull included in its type system, Kotlin helps you avoid NullPointer Exceptions. Android apps that use Kotlin are 20% less likely to crash.


Kotlin is 100% interoperable with the Java programming language, so you can have as little or as much of Kotlin in your project as you want.

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We offer a wide range of enterprise app development solutions to speed up your digital transformation initiatives.

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Brixcode Technologies Efficiently leverages the strength of every new programming language. We are one of the leading Kotlin for Android app development service providers. Our efficient developers are working to integrate the development environment of Android Studio.

The Kotlin open-source language is completely based on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and requires the installation of Kotlin Android Studio Plugin.

Brixcode Technologies believes in taking your Android App Development project a level up with Kotlin by making the most of its error-free security from the expectations.

Why Brixcode Technologies For Kotlin App Development?

Our expertise in Kotlin web and mobile app development encompasses a broader span of world-class features and functionalities that helps you become market leaders

Agile Development Approach

We focus on customer delight throughout the application development process and strive to deliver the best solution in shorter sprints. We house a team of skilled developers, scrum masters and product owners with an agile mindset working closely with our customers to maximize ROI. We follow a continuous feedback and improvement approach for the enhancement of products, processes, and services.


We assure you to deliver frequent and reliable feature releases for Android application development with Kotlin. Our highly skilled Kotlin android app development team uses DevOps for better collaboration, software quality, and shorter time to market. We practice continuous feedback for improving application deployment.

Dedicated Kotlin App Development Solution Team:

Our highly skilled cross-functional teams will help in building solutions using deep tech and innovative practices across all devices. We have an agile team of certified android app developers with extensive hands-on experience in the Kotlin extension (Kotlix) library and third-party integrations. They have expertise in working with Android Studio, Android KTX, Ktor, and Kotlin-friendly SDK.


We secure your app by safeguarding the data that you exchange between your app and other apps, or between your app and a website. Kotlin is more secure than Java due to two language features, Null safety that safeguards the codes from data classes, and emphasis on immutability. We follow the best practices for Android app security such as keeping the native code secure, high-level authentication, code obfuscation, protect transit data, detection of code tamper, and many more.

Client Engagement

We engage our clients throughout the Kotlin mobile app development process for continuous feedback thereby delivering solutions as per the client’s requirements. With continuous client engagement, we strive to deliver the best solution to build a positive impact on your business.

Kotlin App Migration Services

We offer our expertise to upgrade versions or migrate your web and mobile apps by providing a smooth and hassle-less implementation process. With our top-notch Kotlin app migration services, you can unlock the benefits of higher reachability. We offer responsive Kotlin android application that would reflect your business goals.

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We offer end-to-end mobile wallet solutions to our global clientele. We create digital payment services, mobile commerce applications, recharge, savings and spending analysis, wearable device integration, and agent management features for startups and enterprises.

Hire Kotlin App Developer

Our dedicated, simple, and transparent T&M and resource hiring models allow you to choose from our pool of talented professionals for Kotlin application development. If you have a well-defined scope and requirements, then the fixed cost pricing model will be best suited for such strict commitments. With these models, frame your requirements and provide inputs to ensure a successful engagement for your project.

Performance Metrics

Our Kotlin applications are designed keeping in mind the various performance metrics like initialization time, overall memory usage, app crashes, API latency, app load per period, CPU utilization, network, inference time of warm-up and steady-state, garbage collection data, and battery usages.

Our Services Spread Across

We have offices in San Francisco California, Nashville Tennessee, New York in the US, and Bangalore, Mumbai in India. We also service clients from Delhi NCR, Chennai, Canada, Dubai UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, Israel, Spain, London UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and other parts of Europe.