How Exactly Has The Real Estate Industry Changed?

The Real Estate industry has seen some major paradigm shifts ever since technological advancements have begun disrupting all aspects of enterprises. Mobilization of sectors meant that workers are more mobile and connected to their business from anywhere in the world, which has resulted in the rise in the demand for mobile apps for real estate.

Influencers who have had the first row seats to witness the change in the real estate sector due to technology say that the sector has not been disrupted, but the changes are vividly visible.

Technological advancements have altered the way the real estate sector functions. These changes have called on for effective real estate software solutions to be developed and deployed for organizing, streamlining, and selling in the real estate sector.

Our Solutions

Being one of the largest industries in the world, Real Estate has immense potential of technology incorporation. While the large part of the real estate business still depends upon traditional tools and methods, Brixcode Technologies works to create innovative and advanced solutions for the Real Estate & Housing Industry.

Real Estate Management Software

We are proud to implement custom real estate management software that seamlessly integrates with other IT systems like CRM, ERP, MLS platform, etc. in your firm.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Software

Connect with brokers or realtors working in the real estate domain in few easy clicks through our powerful MLS software. Perform tasks like checking local listings, contacting brokers, entering property details, etc. in one go through our all-in-one MLS tool.

Real Estate CRM Software

Improve your company’s customer relationships, sales, and marketing efforts with our cutting-edge real-estate CRM solutions. We help you stay on top of real estate trends with our powerful real-estate CRM solutions.

Real Estate ERP Software

Build and grow you business faster than ever with our reliable real-estate ERP software solutions. Streamlining and automating misaligned tasks in real estate domain can be done effortlessly with our digital ERP solutions by realtors.

IDX/MLS Integration Solutions

As leading real-estate software solution providers, we provide comprehensive IDX/MLS integration services like IDX/MLS website integration, IDX design solutions, etc. Boost content automation, email engagement, lead capturing efforts, etc. easily through our IDX/MLS services.

HOA Management Software

Streamline and manage your HOA management tasks like board member appointment, monthly/annual fee collection, setting property values, etc. effortlessly with our industry-leading HOA management software solutions.

Real Estate Mobile Applications

We build fully-functional, feature-rich mobile applications for real estate and housing industry professionals. For all platforms - Android, iPhone and cross-platform, we deliver custom mobile apps for real estate.

Tenant Management Software

We provide reliable, secure and on-time SaaS enablement services for your ecommerce and retail business as per your specific needs.

Why Choose  Brixcode Technologies

Why Choose Brixcode For Real Estate Industry ?

Real Estate Solution provides a system that lets buyers or tenants to have a look at a diverse range of property sold by numerous agencies and find their specified searched property which they wish to buy or rent by paying the agent online through the system in a very transparent and safe manner.

  • We have more than 10 years of experience in custom software development
  • We’ve successfully completed projects for over 150 clients
  • We use only innovative and cutting-edge technologies
  • We deliver time and budget savings with our own products and components
  • We perform an in-depth business analysis to understand your unique needs
  • We aim to develop top-quality web solutions at a reasonable price